Monday, March 31, 2008

Two Shows From March

Here comes my excuses on why I haven't uploaded new songs or this blog for a while:

  • I have been very busy this past month with many projects at work,
  • As well as a video project for a local TV show
  • Writing & recording a song for the video project
  • Taking care of things at home while my daughter (along with mommy) was in the hospital with pneumonia (she's all better now - thank God!)
  • I was doing the dishes and laundry (really!)
OK enough with the excuses. Everyone can create a boatload of excuses - I'm no exception. I will blog and update the music soon. As for March, there were two fun shows at The Star Theater in Willow Springs, Missouri featuring Lost River Bluegrass and Jim Orchard (& the Ozarks Bluegrass Boys).

The second show was a benefit fund raiser for the Special Olympics and I believe over $600 was raised! Not bad for simply coming out to a music show for a couple of hours - and I don't know how heavily this thing was advertised in the media. I think this money was raised mainly by fans of Lost River Bluegrass and/or Jim Orchard & his crew. Thanks bluegrass fans for showing the kind of heart you all have!

I grew up as a city slicker in the suburbs of Sacramento, California. I continue to be impressed by the kind of genuine concern for neighbors that I see demonstrated here in the Ozarks on a daily basis (and I lived here for over 20 years now). You folks are great!

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