Friday, November 20, 2009

Missouri Bluegrass At The Star

Last Saturday night we had special guest band, Missouri River, join the stage with Lost River Bluegrass at The Star Theater in beautiful downtown Willow Springs, Missouri. This was a great show that many deer hunters missed out on! Alvin Deskins, co-owner of Morgan Music in Lebanon, Missouri is the banjo player, and a regular guest at the The Star Theater with his other band, Liza Bluff (one of my personal all time favorite bluegrass bands).

Missouri River was hyped up to me to be a "high dollar" band coming to town. Jim Orchard, former fiddler with Bill Monroe, is a regular guest as well as patron at The Star, and he also hyped up Missouri River to me. Jim's band, The Ozark Bluegrass Boys, is quite a band themselves, so it means a lot to have a compliment from Jim. He knows good bluegrass.

Mr. Orchard had recommended the band from the previous month, Curry Korn, and they were truly fabulous. So, with two hyped up recommendations I was expecting quite a performance from Missouri River...

Well, Missouri River lived up to the hype. Each musician is truly a skilled master craftsmen in their trade. Banjo, guitar, bass, mandolin, fiddle were all excellent. I decided to record their song set, and I will upload that music sometime and make a post about it here.

The bottom line is that you missed out on a great show if you didn't make out last Saturday night. Hope to see at the next show in December!

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